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A Test of Faith

Things would always be much easier if everything were the same. I can’t stress enough that Empowerment can come to me in very different ways from how it comes to you. So when I say I’m not big on faith, that may not be the same for you. I’ll explain my reason in another post but I begin with this so I don’t offend anyone who has made faith a large part of their lives (and Empowerment)

That said, sometimes faith may be all we have. The entire day can pass and it may seem that you’ve accomplished nothing. In fact, many of the accomplishments you had planned went wrong or in some small way, you may have been sabotaged. This is when faith can be important.

When something bad happens, it doesn’t matter “why” it did or even if it happened for your own good or benefit. The fact of the matter is it happened! The important thing is how you are dealing with it and continuing to do so. It is in these times though that your faith can help you through. I believe very strongly in my growth and transformation which has occurred over the last year and a half. Many times, belief in myself has also helped me overcome my shame-based thinking. I oftentimes say that what I learned is so clear that no one – and I mean NO ONE – can take that away from me.

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