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Author John Dunia in Shame on Me: Healing a Life of Shame-Based Thinking helps the reader to better understand how shame can attach itself to them and bring heartache. Author Dunia believes, “…that shame is the foundation of our individual problems as well as difficulties with our interactions with people.” He also indicates that knowledge is the first step in overcoming shame.

One of the greatest statements the author makes is: “Having the desire to improve one’s self is initially an important step, but if the old way of thinking remains a part of who we are, it may very well remain to entangle and entrap us into making choices that will ultimately nullify most, if not all, of the progress we will make.” Behaviors as well as our thinking must change if we are to find healing within. Being raised in a Christian home and dealing with shame vs beliefs is also something that many individuals must deal with, causing confusion and frustration. While shame causes various emotions to be uncovered, if one blames others and/or situations then they will never improve beyond their present point.

Moving past shame isn’t something that one can do quickly; rather it is a daily activity that requires persistence, patience and faith to arrive at the desired location of peace and healing. This book is filled with insightful information concerning both the life of the author as well as how the reader can become a stronger, more inspiring individual. This is an encouraging book filled with very helpful suggestions and insights.


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