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Photo by Riku Lu

“Our job is not who we are unless we allow otherwise”

The last few articles have been focusing on the motives and specifically why many times money is primarily the focus (click here to read last week’s). When it comes to commerce and trade, money has a significant impact on the decision-making process. Profit is critical because it is neither prudent nor possible to run a business that can’t pay its bill let alone its employees.

Income and the potential to make it can have a strong bearing on how some choose a profession. On the other hand, others pursue a career because of a particular interest, hobby, or fascination. Occasionally, few stumble into something unknowingly and find out they’ve uncovered a hidden skill. But no matter what we end up doing, all of us hope for jobs that we completely love and are substantially compensated. This, no doubt, is the exception rather than the norm.

The potential of earning a comfortable living can be a motivation behind why a particular profession was chosen but not always the best motive. In and of itself, money and the ability to make it, is not a terrible thing. But it has the potential of being one of the biggest adversaries and obstacles to overcome. It divides families, destroys relationships, and can consume someone to the point where one becomes entirely  unrecognizable. It’s almost as though it carries with it the dark and unforeseen curse!

Gold, silver, nickel, or paper; none of these has any mystical force or spell lurking to capture and undermine our kindness, generosity, and integrity. There is no law of nature that states once a specific amount is accumulated, it triggers a hex continually plaguing you forever. Ultimately something changed; more than likely it was the motivation behind why all that wealth was accumulated eventually influencing that person to become swept up and overcome by the misbeliefs of what all this affluence meant. Even those starting with the best intentions have staggered along the way and were caught up by greed, power, or some other ego-centered ideas.

The ego tends to get in the way when we lose gratitude. No doubt many worked hard with their sweat and blood to create such a magnificent enterprise and reap a well-deserved compensation for those efforts. But being grateful reminds us that it wasn’t simply our efforts alone which created this business. It demonstrates that our motives remained true and our integrity was more important than the size of our bank account. Appreciation keeps our intentions upright and in many ways, inspires us to give back so that others may have opportunities to thrive as well.

After all, it’s important to have strong communities and when they support what you do, giving back shows your motivations remained authentic and your spirit stayed true to being grateful, thankful, and providing opportunities for future success stories as well.

Thanks to Riku Lu for the beautiful photograph. Find out more by clicking here. I look forward to your comments.

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