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Time To Reflect

I try to never let myself forget that who I am is someone who Empowers others and myself. The key is “myself” and in the broader sense, ourselves. Empowerment – and please forgive me for being redundant but I feel it is very important – is just as much for our own growth and transformation as it is for others.  I could never get in front of anyone, or, any large crowd and feel as though I am the teacher and they (the listeners) are the learners. For me, it would not be very effective.

This might tend to put someone’s ego in check but that more than likely, is the real clue. Why would my ego be hurt? Can a very young child not teach me something about Empowerment? I pray that I will never feel that way.

Taking the time by myself to reflect, is a good way for personal Empowerment. A while back, I posted the poem written while I was at Mt. Charleston. (See post August 2nd) Most of the day was spent reflecting on how my shame filter nearly controlled everything I did. This type of reflection is something done on a regular basis. Next time, I’ll get a little more personal on how I do it.

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