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Shame On Me is one man's journey toward self-awareness and through the understanding of how shame-based thinking hinders a successful and happy life.


People often don t realize exactly what it is about their thinking that stops them from enjoying and achieving more in life... this book was written for them! Determined to understand the error of his ways, John Dunia embarks upon a life-changing journey. Chronicled within this book, his struggles will help you better understand how life s influences, from a very young age, contribute to the person we become. Shame often encourages and develops negative ideas about who we are. Understanding this process is the very first step in Healing a Life of Shame-Based Thinking.

Shame on Me - Healing a life of Shame-Based Thinking

  • The .pdf format is a widely accepted file and works with most every Ebook reader. 

  • One of the most confusing human emotions many will ever face. And most people will never be aware of its

    severe influence and impact.

    Why do we feel shame? What is the difference

    between guilt and shame? How do we heal from all the devastating effects? Author and Guide, John Dunia,

    covers this and so much more in this revealing book.


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