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The SHAME DOCTOR Evaluation

One major difference between guilt and shame is that guilt is an emotion we feel when we know we've made a wrong decision, bad choice, or acted poorly. Shame, however, is the erroneous belief that there's something innately wrong with us; that we're incapable of doing or deserving better. Guilt is often constructive while shame is entirely destructive. Throughout our lives we've allowed negative perceptions of who we are to define us. As the Shame Doctor I want to personally invite you to discover the difference and learn for yourself how to lead a more constructive, productive, and thrilling life by living it with more focused intent and sense of purpose. By answering these questions to your best ability, we can work together to map out the best course for your journey.  This quiz is geared to help you, as a good place to start. 

1. I say negative things to myself and have a hard time accepting compliments; always  dismissing, downplaying, or even denying them consideration when they are given to me


2. I apologize even when it’s not my fault or the circumstance is out of my control (like the weather) or even  when it's someone else's fault.


3. I wish I could develop a more positive attitude about my dreams and goals as well as understand my  purpose for being here.

4. I find emotionally sensitive conversations difficult and/or overwhelming and mostly avoid them.


5. I wish I had more friends, but because I overextend myself to others, it makes me feel I barely have  enough time for myself or as if I can’t afford more friends.


6. When emotional difficulties occur, I do my best to avoid, suppress or not think about them because I don’t  know how to deal with them.

7. I feel guilty for no reason and tend to believe mistakes are typically my fault.


8. It’s difficult for me to look at myself in the mirror.


9. I am my own best friend and I’m grateful to know it.


10. I take unnecessary risks and/or engage in self-sabotaging behavior because it makes me feel good.

11. I am certain if I show any weakness or vulnerability, others will not perceive me as strong.

12. I’m terrified of going after new ventures in my personal or business life because I lack the knowledge or  self-confidence it takes to become successful.

13. I experience anxiety in crowds of people and feel socially awkward even among friends.


14. I compare myself and my life to other people around me.


15. People have told me I’m arrogant or that I’m hard to work with because I need to be in charge.

16. I know I’m the smartest and/or the best-looking person in the room and people are jealous of me for it.


17. I don’t suffer with issues of feeling shameful, and it’s surprising how many people around me do.


18. I admire and value my achievements in life and feel that nothing is holding me back from reaching my  goals and potential.

19. Life is also about winning at competition; I focus on knocking others down for the win.


20. Whenever I succeed at a goal or project, I feel a great sense of self-worth which lasts a long time,  reminding me of who I am and all I’ve accomplished.

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