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A Mother’s Influence


My Mother with her Niece and Granddaughter

“The lessons learned from a Mother’s love will last a lifetime”

Today the U.S. celebrates one of its most cherished holidays and that is none other than Mother’s Day. I have certainly been blessed with an amazing mother who is still in great health well into her eighties. If there were but one wish I could have for everyone, it would be that all would have the privilege of experiencing a phenomenal mother. Unfortunately, it has not been the case for far too many. However, that doesn’t mean there are not tremendous values in examining the virtues of an ideal mother.

What a good mother does for her family is also a great metaphor for many aspects of life. Incredibly nurturing and often sacrificing for the good of their family, mothers are known to forego their own needs to make sure the rest of the household’s are met. Surrendering their own wants becomes the norm and seeing the smiles on their child’s faces brings more delight than any joy received personally. Strength for most mothers is not a display of power but rather the ability to dry a tear or console her family during difficult times. Kindness and compassion are more important than any other accolade.

In present day society, these qualities are not only lacking but frowned upon by many government and business superiors. Imagine how differently society would be if these assets of Motherhood were pursued rather than just assets. How often do those in authority abstain from their own gain to help the greater good of the community?

Ironically, men can learn significant and essential values from the virtues of their female counterparts. Measures of strength for far too long have been some show of force; whether it is through demonstrating physical might or amassing the means to purchase those displays, men have substituted the ability of insight and introspection with outwardly, self-aggrandizing exhibitions.

There is something so incredibly wonderful in the simple touch of a mother’s hand. Often, the look in her eyes conveys a message much more plainly than any words could speak. She understands that not everything will always be fair but does her best to be as objective as possible. No handbook containing all the right decisions was ever given her and no two mothers operate the same. They are just as vulnerable to mistakes but willingly transform those missteps and become the more wiser for them.

Motherhood has been a cherished tradition for as long as our species has existed on this planet. While there have been countless people who have thrived without the assistance of a great mother, having one does increase the odds of making it in this journey we call life.

For those of you who had the experience being raised by a wonderful mother, take a moment to reflect on that and if it is still possible, let her know how appreciated she is. Those who weren’t quite so fortunate, remember it doesn’t have to derail you from living a full and compassionate life. I look forward to your comments.

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