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Be the change

One statement about the current state of the globe that is difficult to deny is that the world is extremely polarized and is becoming more so each day. People have become emboldened not only to speak their minds but also to denigrate, malign, and smear those whose opinions differ. Social media strongly contributes to this division by providing posts which have become known as “clickbait” to keep us emotionally invested.

This kind of investment may be profitable for them, but creates more, stronger divisions.

What can be done to help repair and heal these dissonances? Better yet, ask yourself what is it that you can do individually to help heal our families, communities, and nations?

No matter what side of the issue or cause you support, there is one common denominator that both sides share. They both expect the other side to change!

When we dig our heals in there is no expectation of change. The other person is wrong and they NEED to see the error of their ways. Guess what? This argument comes from both sides of the proverbial isle. Waiting for and/or demanding the other person to change is all but destined to fail.

If you are fed up with the divisiveness going on around you, there is something you can do. Rather than liking or resharing a post that mocks the other sides’ point of view, try reaching out and communicating with someone with whom you disagree. Try connecting with them on a human level. Our wounds will begin to heal and our differences will subside.

For years we’ve seen leaders and politicians argue and bicker back and forth. What has it accomplished other than more of the same? If you are looking for change, then look to see what your part in change is. Your actions may not be welcomed by everyone, but there is not a better way to unite than being able to communicate with those who disagree with you.

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