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A New Year. Time For A Change!


Along with the New Year are hundreds of posts about resolutions; which ones are good, bad, right, wrong, and so forth. However, instead of a resolution, let’s tweak it a bit and say if you had the power to change anything, what would it be? For some, it might be to change the results of the U.S. election or the Brexit vote. Perhaps changing jobs, or even altering something about your significant other may be a consideration. What change would you wish for that would create a fresh start to 2017?

Please take a few moments and think about some things you’d want to change to make this world a better place. Do you have one? Great!

No doubt your selection was intended to construct a better life for you and those you love but my thought is for each of us to reflect on why we made that particular choice. What was the thinking process behind it and what were the intentions? Did your choice comprise of someone else changing their behavior towards you? Were you hoping that something else would shift to accommodate a better life for you?

My choice is always to get a better understanding of who I am. If I am a different person from a year ago, does it also hold true for a month, a week, a day? Although the process is slow and the shifts minor, I am a dynamic and evolving individual – as we all are. Changes occur constantly; with or without our knowledge and intent. When people say, “just be yourself”, my goal is to constantly search for who I am. Trying to be the person I was 5 years ago is not being the best “me”. As proud of that person I may be, growth does not allow for regression.

Change is vital and most of us want and need it. But the best place for us to start is with ourselves. Those who have made a change to this world have done it with their actions and not by hoping others would “see the light”. What do you want to change about yourself this year? I look forward to your thoughts.

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