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A Personal Touch to Reflection

To start with, Empowerment can be different for each one of us. You may get tired of me hearing it but if it were the same for all of us, wouldn’t it make sense that someone would have written a book by now and anybody who wanted to be empowered could just read that book and follow each step exactly? My method of empowering and being empowered will not be the same as anyone else’s. It may have some similarities and also vast differences. Please keep that in mind when I tell you about how my reflection works. It must be discovered or learned, and not mimicked or taught.

Being a writer, sometimes reflection comes when I write; either in my personal journals or even in my blogs. Sometimes it occurs when I am talking with someone. When I listen to what I say, that will bring clarity. Other times, when I am speaking to someone, what THEY say back can have a positive impact. While I am swimming or exercising, I will review events in my life and “reflect” on what they meant or possibly how I may act differently next time. Even when I went to Mt. Charleston, I sat on a rock and just looked back at my life on how my shame filter controlled my thinking. Even after I wrote the poem, I went on a hike for another couple of hours. During which time, there was more reflection.

As a suggestion, try “looking” at your life as though you were observing someone else’s life and try to be non-judgmental about yourself. For me, this type of thinking has been instrumental in helping me reflect on my life and “see” who I am which helps me make better choices for a more fulfilled life.

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