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A Tribute

A list of 63-year-olds who can go to their mother for good counsel is probably rather limited.

Those whose mothers still lived in the same home they grew up in 63-years ago, would be an even smaller list.

And I'm certain there is only one name on the list of 63-year-olds who can say their mother has acted as their editor on over 250 articles.

I am heartbroken that this week, I had to remove myself from those lists, and can only now find solace in the knowledge that now my mother is at peace.

To the world, she was known as Mabel Marguerite Schriefer de Dunia.

Many cherished her as "Aunt Polly."

Some were incredibly blessed to call her Grandma or Grandma Polly.

But the luckiest few.... they called her Mom.

I will forever miss our Saturday calls when you carefully corrected my articles and we endlessly chatted about everything. It kept me connected and feeling a sense of home. Nothing will ever fill that void, yet each time I'm overwhelmed by your loss, your memory will embrace me. I love you, Mom.


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