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Photo By Klara Pospisilova

In the last post (click here to read it) we discussed how the feeling of arrogance can occur through shame. But when do we first begin to have negative feelings about who we are? Truthfully, it begins long before what might be expected. Experience feelings of neglect and abandonment can provide opportunities of self-doubt. As we begin to form relationships, encountering criticism and  exclusion create more opportunities.

A child may strive for parental approval and if he or she does not receive that validation, it can lead to feelings of unworthiness. On the contrary, the child may work harder and harder without again, getting validation. Although their may be great accomplishment, the lack of approval may spawn a confusion which eventually leads to arrogance. Because each one of us grows up in different environments and with diverse genetics, we all react and process these feelings in different ways.

What is important is trying to understand how we processed these feelings and how it created thinking patterns which constructed damaging results. Once we realize that it was our thinking and how we viewed who we are and were, we can begin to forgive ourselves. This is where healing can begin. I believe that in order to move forward and be empowered, healing is the first step.

As always, your thoughts are welcome.

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