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Beginning the Journey

When is the best time to begin your Journey? Like so many other things in life, the best way to know is to look back. However if we always waited to see, nothing would get done. We do our best to prepare and again, when is our preparation complete? The same answer as above. Sometimes the prudent thing is to begin and make adjustments along the way.

Last February, when I had my “Independence Day”, I wasn’t planning to start a business nor dedicate my life to Empowering others and myself. Looking back, the only thing that I knew was that I felt “FREEDOM”! Nothing changed for me professionally at that time. In fact, I was contemplating relocation to another state just for a change of pace. In fact, I had done some preparation to get ready for that move. However, after I started my business, there was no need to move or to change my environment.

The same thing has happened with my plan for Empowering. There have been many changes in the way I approach Empowerment. Many of those changes have been contributed by my therapist. Please note, I used the word contributed. What is important for me is that I take that information, process it and decide for myself the changes. It may be hard for most to believe but that is a big step for me.

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