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By Example

Are we all Empowerment beings? I would certainly like to think so. If we are not empowering, then by default what are we? However, each of us has our own way of defining what Empowerment is. My interpretation of Empowerment is inspiring others to do more than they thought they could do. When we “inspire” others, the best way is to be an example – to be a reflection of Empowerment.

Oftentimes we may think that the person who gets up in front of a crowd and dazzles us with inspirational speeches and catchphrases, that is what inspires us to do great things and be an empowered person. I am out to challenge that way of thinking. By being an example, I don’t stand in front of people and talk’ I do. I act. I am. And along with that, I listen. Not only am I a reflection by being an example, I reflect what they are saying. Sometimes, they may not hear clearly what they are saying .

And….. I always remember to look be Empowered at the same time.

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