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Constructive Growing Pains

“Sometimes we unexpectedly create magical moments”

There is no question that self-growth and personal development ought to be a focus in our lives. Last week, we discussed how some people attempt to replace those efforts by focusing mainly on helping others while neglecting their own. There were, however, a few comments that didn’t quite fully agree and stated how much they learned while earnestly striving to help someone in time of need.

As I read their remarks, it became evident this was definitely something I wanted to cover this week because it is indeed very true. In fact, one of my own personal goals when working with clients is that I continually find ways which allow me to grow right along with them. At first, it may seem strange or even a bit ironic that a coach, counselor, or leader should learn and develop from those whom they are supposed to be teaching; nevertheless, it is almost impossible not to happen.

During moments of growth, our minds our focused on the significance of the particular lesson it is conveying to us. But like many things we learn, if we don’t regularly use it, its impact may diminish and we may even forget how we benefited. When the opportunity arises to explain and put it into an understandable and teachable dialogue for others, that act further cements and strengthens its meaning to us. By verbalizing that experience, it forces us to more closely analyze why and what happened to initiate that growth.

In many ways, these kinds of experiences are far greater because not only are you becoming stronger with your development but you’re also helping others have a growing experience and an opportunity to help others in the future. It is a pure magical moment; a universal win-win which is always the best outcome.

No matter where you are or how you see yourself, there is always something to learn as well as room for growth and improvement.

Is there ever any reason to avoid or ignore growth? Frankly, those who hunger for knowledge find that the more they learn, the more there is out there to be learned. What types of coaches, instructors, or experts would not want to constantly improve their skills and abilities to become better and more proficient at their professions?

It would suffice to say that anyone claiming to have completely mastered something or that his efforts are constantly a ten out of ten, would be delusional, arrogant, or very afraid of taking a good look into that proverbial mirror. It is nothing short of a fool’s dream to believe there is no more that he can be taught and has reached the pinnacle of excellence.

There is always room for improvement. I greatly appreciate those kinds of comments which make me pause and reassess what I wrote. Those are learning moments for me and will no doubt translate into more effective writing, speaking, and coaching. Even when those moments are difficult and reveal flaws in my temperament, while they may be difficult to accept at first, committing to improvement is always a journey worth the taking.

My thanks again to Robert J. Morales for the photograph. Robert has produced television commercials in Los Angeles for over 20 years and is now working towards making his hobby as a photographer become his profession. Find out more at Thanks you and I look forward to some constructive comments.

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