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Does Everything Happen For a Reason?

Life must have a purpose, right? We couldn’t have happened to collide here all at once. There is  comfort in knowing that some sort of cosmic order exists. But if EVERYTHING happens for a reason, we run the risk of overthinking each event. Was there some lesson I missed or deed which went undone?

On the other hand, if things don’t happen for a reason then why don’t we live life with a “me first” attitude and be in a constant state of pleasure-seeking? We only live once so let’s take advantage of that starting right now!

Most of the comments agreed with yes, everything does happen for a reason. There was only one which said no however, I would like to propose a third answer and that is It doesn’t really matter.

What does that suppose to mean? Frankly it’s not important if it does or doesn’t happen for a reason. That point can be argued from here to eternity and the only proof is whether or not you believe it. What is important is how you move forward from that event. The lessons learned help us become healthier or more positive individuals. The value in life comes from being kind and having good intention. We are not kind because of some reason and we don’t expect anything in return for having good intention.

If your beliefs tell you that everything does happen for a reason, that is all the proof you need. The truths which you learn are true to you. No one can change your truth. I am simply suggesting that you not focus on the why but what occurred and how can things be better.. That is how we grow.

I’ll be having more thought-provoking questions soon. Thank you and I would enjoy hearing your thoughts.

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