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Doing a World of Good!

This is the first post for Global Creative Empowerment Group, a business consulting firm specializing in promoting business through innovative and open thinking. Our motto, “Doing a World of Good” is fostered in all of our relationships – whether or not you are our client. All of the creative thinking in the world would be of no use if it were not for our desire to do a world of good. This is best manifested through our process helping our clients and friends find the blocks in their thinking that have limited, hindered or even sabotaged them in the past. Many times these obstacles are not even considered as inhibitors of our day to day lives. 

Many of the ideas used in our practice will be discussed here in an open platform. Your thoughts and ideas will be greatly appreciated. Just as we aim to shed some light to our readers, we hope that same light will be shown back to us. Thank you and I look forward to many empowering discussions.

John Dunia – Director GCEGroup.

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