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EM = C 2

Everyone has heard Einstein’s familiar equation, E=mc2. (energy equals the mass times the speed of light squared). I am putting that equation in a little bit different light today. EM = C 2. EM is the beginning of Empowerment and that equals C squared. C in this case is not the speed of light, it is the “Center” meaning you. Empowerment starts with you and when you are ready to accept it, you will see its power squared. When a number is squared, it is most oftentimes more than doubled.

The important thing is to know that “C” comes first. If you are not ready for empowerment, it will not come. You will not be seeking it if you are not ready or you do not want it. As important as it is to me to be empowering, I cannot force anyone to receive it. The best I can do is live by example and hope that it is infectious enough (in a good way) that it will help someone want to become ready.

When you become empowered and you see what it has done for you, the excitement and energy makes you want to share it with everyone. It’s a natural state. Finally, I always remember that Empowerment is a two-way street. Empowering someone else means empowering myself as well.

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