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Empowerment can come from anywhere

It never ceases to amaze me  the places from which I can receive empowerment. The more I want to talk about it, the more I realize that I am the one being empowered. As much as I feel compelled to have this a part of my life, the empowerment keeps coming back toward me.

I could certainly refuse to receive it but what would that mean? Am I too empowered to receive anything? I pray that I NEVER become that way.

The hard thing to realize is the people from whom you expect it the least, their words can be the hardest to accept. You might think, “that person isn’t correct about me. Who do they think they are? But if the person is a generally caring individual, they are probably not just trying to hear the sound of their own voice.

Try it. Pick out some unsuspecting person and during your conversation, look for something empowering from them. You won’t believe your ears.

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