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One of the things I needed to realize about myself was, I wasn’t as confident as I thought AND I was actually sabotaging myself from success. I would tell myself, “You are confident, you are successful” but there was a part of me down deep inside that didn’t believe it. Not only did it not believe it, it convinced me I wasn’t worthy.

This may seem complicated but I’ll try and explain it. Part of you says you are worthy but the other part of you says you are not worthy. Now here was the sad part for me. The part that told me I wasn’t worthy, it was also convincing me not to admit that. Don’t tell yourself you are not worthy because that will only make you lose confidence in yourself.

Is this making sense? The part of me that was telling me I wasn’t worthy, was also convincing me to not see that was a problem. Any time I was ready for really huge success, I would sabotage myself. Why? Because down DEEP inside, I really didn’t believe it. How could that happen? To be continued.

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