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Get Out Of The Way!

Frequently there are hurdles in our way while we strive toward achieving success. Advice flows freely from experts who are supposed to help us overcome these challenges but that doesn’t mean their instruction shouldn’t be questioned. It is often said, “Don’t let the negativity of others drag you down” or some sort of packaged version of that expression. While it’s true, you shouldn’t allow that to happen, I am offering a little different point of view.

Instead of pointing the finger and blaming someone else, we should first examine ourselves. Sometimes – as in the case of the picture above – the hurdle can be a mirror.

Take a good look at yourself and see what can be improved. Expecting change from others and not demanding it individually is frankly hypocritical. Trying to change anyone might be a futile attempt but if we all change ourselves, that will make the world a much better place. My advice! Take a good look in the mirror. It may be painful at first but the outcome will be miraculous.

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