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Giving, Act II


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“If the act of giving is troublesome, it’s time to start practicing”

Last week’s article generated lots of great comments (click here to read it). One of them, made by someone whom I hold in the highest esteem and regard, was puzzled because of how much emphasis was placed on the financial aspect of giving. Although there are so many other ways to give, there was a specific purpose as to why so much attention was paid to it.

Reflecting back on my nearly five decades on this planet, the biggest flaw in my ability to give was in letting go of what was perceived as my hard-earned cash. While the reasons for this are better addressed in a future article, it was a struggle each time I was asked to give financially for charitable purposes. Although not growing up poor, I never developed a healthy financial mindset and consequently earning money was a constant struggle. Giving it away would have seemingly complicated the matter more.

I can truthfully say that in my case, this miserly way of thinking furthermore created self-sabotaging behaviors; eventually hindering and thwarting opportunities that would have provided more economic gain. This lack of a fiscally giving spirit fostered a mentality which kept economic prosperity at unattainable distances.

However, when I began making a conscious effort to give more freely financially, inexplicably, my bank account began reflecting larger numbers as well. On the surface, this did not make sense. How does giving away money bring more in? As someone who seeks logical and rational conclusions, ten minus five does not equal fifteen!

No doubt some of you are waving your hand exclaiming, “It’s Biblical”, “Karma”, or “The Law of Attraction”, or some other spiritual promise but please, hear me out. In my case, I don’t want an explanation. This is one of those times where I truly live by faith; knowing that doing my best unfolds what the Universe has in store for me.

Just as there are physical laws such as gravity which govern the physical realm, spiritual laws are no less applicable. While I earnestly believe in the principle of sowing and reaping, using it expressly for a reason to give would seem to negate the meaning of charitable acts. What I want in return for giving is the satisfaction that someone was helped. If the Universe sees fit to offer additional compensation, then I will repay It with gratitude. This sincere appreciation nurtures and promotes my giving spirt and hopefully sets examples for others to follow.

There are countless ways to give and the circumstances surrounding each influence the reasoning behind our actions. I am not advocating one never receives or should always refuse something in return, that must be decided by the individual. However, allowing opportunism or greed to be the major influence is not what promotes a giving spirit. Our world is currently setting far too many bad examples of taking advantage of others while portraying it as an act of giving.

This week, see what examples you can make by giving strictly for the purposes of helping. If you do get something in return, remember to be grateful. I look forward to your comments.


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