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Giving or Receiving…. or Both?

Is there a time when you can specifically say you were EMPOWERED? How did that make you feel? It could be something that words may fail to describe. But let me ask  you this: What about the person who empowered you? Did they get anything from it?

I have learned that in every relationship, mutuality is important. So when someone empowers you, what is the mutual benefit? Like many things, it may not be evident right away. However the giver of the empowerment, I believe, should always find something empowering in it for him or her and not just the satisfaction of giving. There are empowering moments for both during that process.

If you have ever had the privilege of providing an empowering moment to someone, I implore you to think back at that time and search for your empowerment. I don’t want to suggest otherwise but if there wasn’t something in it for the giver, then it may not have been as powerful as originally believed. Go back to the beginning; where the trail first started and search for what you received.

In the next post, I will discuss a personal situation where both I and the other person were both empowered.

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