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How Healing Can Begin

Klara road

Photo by Klara Pospisilova

When it comes to our own lives, the concept of healing is not only important but vital! However, how does one begin to heal? When someone suggests you must heal to move forward, it may be a good suggestion but without understanding the process, they might as well have told you to fly to the moon.

I believe that healing lies in the ability to first forgive ourselves. This may seem contrary to what’s been advocated in the past, namely we must forgive others. But why are people suggesting that we forgive others? Because of what it does for our own selves. I believe we must BEGIN by forgiving ourselves. That is where the healing starts.

If there are memories from our past that have been hurtful and damaging, we must change the way we feel about us individually in order to transform those memories into moments of healing. If those moments come to mind and we simply choose not to think about them or think about something else, that is merely a distraction. No doubt this is much easier said than done and that will be discussed in more detail with the next post. As always, your thoughts are welcome.


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