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As was stated previously, Empowerment comes in many ways. Take for instance my partner, Joe Birmingham. In  the last post. if you remember the guy in the picture, that’s Joe.  AKA Joe-Mentum. You will definitely be hearing that word a lot. For Joe, his Empowerment comes in the form of Joe-Mentum.

Just as it is my passion to help Empower others and myself, Joe’s passion is to help others get Joe-Mentum. As the name implies, you gradually increase at what you are doing. However – and this I can totally attest to – Joe-Mentum is the ability to increase in speed uphill.  In many ways Joe-Mentum is Empowerment and vice versa.

He was dubbed that nickname by his boss and it couldn’t be more fitting. So much so that we purchased the domain, That will be his blog site so you’ll be able to get some very good insight from a couple of seasoned characters.  After all Empowerment is my purpose.  Just in case you missed it last time, his picture is below. That day was an experience in Joe-Mentum for the both of us.

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