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Measuring Inner Strength

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Photo By E. Rachel Thompson

“One reward for inner strength is the silent applause of a confident Soul!” – Anonymous

A huge benefit from doing a bit of research on this topic was finding some great quotes. There was not one answer attempted as to the author of last week’s quote (click here to read part one) so I’m hoping for at least one guess this time. However, there were some extremely well-stated remarks about inner strength and I wanted to thank everyone for them.

Measuring inner strength, at best, is nearly next to impossible. By its very nature, it is a quiet and unannounced behavior. At times we need it to develop our own goals and objectives but it’s also valuable when showing restraint from the troubling and challenging behavior of others.

The best and most reliable judge of our own inner strength is none other than ourselves. However, judging inner strength is not merely an exercise in self-assessment, it is also measuring the ability to see and appreciate our self-confidence. All too often, self-confidence is taught with a biased toward selfish behavior and thought of as egotistical. But self-confidence is the foundation on which inner strength is built so having more of one establishes more of the other. No doubt they are a measuring stick for one another.

It is also important to understand what inner strength is not. It does not impose on others any form of dominance or control. It does not have to be announced over the loud speakers or blared from a trumpet. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that if someone shows a need to toot his or her own horn about inner strength, that would in truth, be announcing more of a deficiency. We may be entertained by the loud and brash behavior;  however, we are in awe and stilled silence of those who quietly display their own inner strength.

Try it for yourself. See if there is a moment during the day when your inner strength is tested. Perhaps when someone else’s actions are pushing you to retaliate, this is the perfect time to increase it. Work hard to muster the courage and choose the appropriate actions. It is not easy and takes practice. But just as physical training takes a disciplined regiment of exercise, inner strength can take just as regimented an effort. The more we work at it and take positive steps toward improving it,  the more it shows up in our lives. If each and everyone of us were to take enormous steps towards increasing our inner strength, imagine what a better world we would soon see around us.

Thanks again to E. Rachel Thompson for the beautiful picture. Find out more about her on LinkedIn by clicking here. I am looking forward to your comments and thoughts about the quote.

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