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Mutually Empowering

I like to think of empowerment as a mutually beneficial situation. Otherwise if you are always the one doing the “empowering”, what might that eventually lead you to believe?  Think about what the answer could be. For the time being, I am not going to give my answer but you may know to where and what I am leading. Remember, not everything I say will work for every person and I am not one who is big on absolute answers and statements.But if you are ALWAYS the one doing the empowering, where does your empowerment come from? Are you only able to be empowered by God or the Universe itself?

Here is another interesting scenario. Have you ever been in a situation where a person is speaking and a comment is made with which you do not agree and would love to say something? It’s quite possible you’ve been to a religious service and the person giving the sermon makes a general statement and while most others nod their head or habitually repeat “amen”, you are doing everything you can to hold your tongue, as we were taught to be. (S0metimes don’t you wish you were empowered enough to stand up and say  something?)

In group situations, it can be difficult for one person to stand up and disagree. Maybe that’s why people choose to use groups so no one will stand up and disagree. When I share my story with someone, I want to listen for their feedback. Do I want to empower them with my story? Absolutely, but why shouldn’t I be open to hear what they have to say which will provide empowering ideas in return? My thought which I want to share today – and for those of you who like to think you are always the empower-ers – look for a mutual empowering experience. Food for thought which is what I plan on most of my posts doing. I’ll be glad to hear your thoughts.

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