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Opportunity Knocks


Photo by Paige Weber

“The ultimate motivation is something more than money can buy.”

Recently I’ve been thoroughly examining my motives and the reasons behind my actions. In last week’s article, (click here to read it) we discussed the possibility that some philanthropists may not always have the greatest intentions behind their giving. This week, I want to bring that point closer to home.

Five years ago, I made the choice to shift careers from sales to helping people to heal and get a greater understanding of who they can become. It hasn’t been as quick as I’d hoped and reality still dictates that I continue in sales in but I’m constantly focused on the importance and tremendous need for what I am doing.

Part of what I do is related to the Life Coaching business and while I do not consider myself as such, I’ve joined groups and received messages from several, including those whose business is coaching Life Coaches. And there is one recurring theme that has and always will continue to infuriate me. So many of these ads are motivated by the allure of making more money.

“Big Money Business Coach” or “How to get the highest-paying clients”, are just a few of the examples. Others talk about how to speak and get top dollar or “The Seven Figure Life Coach” as if that truly is the measure of success. Rather than opportunity knocking, it sounds more like an “opportunist knocking.”

Not once have I ever received a notice about how to make my message more effective. If making more money is not a part of the program then something must definitely be wrong! I have and always will consider my message to be the most important part of what I do. If there is anything this world needs it’s more healing and greater understanding.

I am not suggesting that these services aren’t worth getting paid. Everyone’s time is valuable and if the service is beneficial then it deserves compensation. But those focusing primarily on making money, their motivation has little to do with the impact and positive outcome of their client.

I look forward to the day when I am doing well enough that I can take time to work with those less fortunate. Perhaps speak to the homeless or those living in shelters and remind them they can heal. It doesn’t require any money and we should not deprive others from this opportunity because of their financial status. Who knows, it could impact their lives in ways that will enable them to become incredible human beings.

Another annoyance is when religions push the idea that if you’re prosperous then you must be blessed by God. I’m fairly certain that Jesus did not charge admission for the Sermon on the Mount nor did He, Gandhi, Mouhamed, or Dali Lama ever regret they didn’t make more money.

The truth is that showing profit is a much easier tool to measure so-called success. I mean, you wouldn’t expect to ask your clients to rate their happiness as a measure of your own success, would you? Well, in my case, that is precisely what I do. While I cannot choose their healing steps nor decide upon their happiness, when they do begin to heal and see their inner beauty, there is no amount of payment that can substitute for that moment.

Thanks to Paige Weber for the wonderful photo. Click here to find out more about her and I look forward to your comments.

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