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Prove Me Wrong!

I am very excited about the future. Not because of the choices presented to me for this coming November but rather on account of my faith in the youth whose hands hold that future.  Interactions with the twenty and thirty somethings continue to amaze and delight me. Sure, they have their issues and challenges but what generation hasn’t?

Posts from Baby Boomers about how lazy and uninspired the youth of today is, frankly say more about the one doing the posting. After all who raised the current generation? Think about the legacy we are leaving them. A massive debt which they had no hand in creating, pollution fills the oceans and sky while we continue to jeopardize the production of  food and potable water. How can that not create a healthy measure of skepticism?

Every generation – and perhaps it goes back thousands of years – is chided and debased by the one which raised it, almost as though it were ingrained in our DNA to do so. But wouldn’t it make more sense to work with those to whom we have left our legacy? I will be interviewing Millennials and Gen Xers to prove my point. And I’m not just talking about the movers and shakers like Candace Galek but also the ones who struggle day to day while trying to make this world a better place. Unlike many Baby Boomers, they are not driven by greed but by living a healthy and congruent lifestyle. Their bottom line is happiness and they realize that starts from within.

If you are a 20 to 39 something and would like to share your thoughts, please feel free to contact me. And for those of you who wish to prove me wrong, your thoughts are also welcome. Thank you.


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