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The best way I know of helping anybody is by citing my own example.  But the thing to remember is that what works for me may not work for others. Discovering how my own shame-based thinking was the force behind me leading a less than productive life, this was the first step toward growth and transformation.

What brought me to that place? How was I able to come across this revelation? I can remember telling my therapist early on, I was ready. Whatever I needed to do, I was willing to put the time in. Although I was still confused, doing something about it was foremost in my mind. All he needed to do was to tell me and I would do it!

The irony is that that is exactly what I did NOT need. Telling me step by step what move to make, how to think, etc; all of this would have only made things worse.  I’ll cover that in future blogs. The important thing was – I was ready. More than ready. Fortunately, I found someone who understood that telling me what to do was the wrong thing as well.

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