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Scars are a sign of strength

“Scars may be seen as signs of incredible beauty.”

Emotional healing can be a difficult and confusing issue for many. In last week’s article, we discussed how sometimes doubting our own progress can be an obstruction to healing. Understanding that your journey is unique and not dictated by any system is a great way to remain confident in your progress. There are times, however, when those wounds are deep and appear to have no remedy or cure.

A great way to understand the complexities of emotional restoration is to observe the similarities of those to physical healing. Many of us have undoubtedly had hundreds of cuts on our skin which through the years have left no sign of their original injury. Other abrasions may have taken years or decades to disappear and unpleasantly, some will always leave their mark. The same is true with emotional damage.

The greater the wound is, the more care is needed in its healing. Extreme physical wounds can leave behind large scars, amputation, or even paralysis. In similar ways, we can sustain significant injury to our emotional wellbeing. A strong possibility exists that we will never return to the person we once were but that doesn’t mean we still can’t thrive and live a victorious, happy life.

Many who bare scars from tragic events have been able to overcome those misfortunes and inspire countless others. Some even declare that if the incident had not occurred, they would never have reached the level of success they did! Even after such drastic changes to their appearances or physical capabilities, they wouldn’t allow those misfortunes to stop them from healing and being able to thrive.

The same is true for our emotional healing. We cannot undo the abuse nor wipe those events from our memories. We can, however, work to overcome them and be the best version of ourselves possible. Although it may take years coupled with a very concerted effort, we do not need to have these past abuses continually handcuff us and stop us from a productive and happy life.

The physical scars we bare can remind us of many things; the first of which is that healing occurred. Although we may not like how they look, that particular area of the skin is stronger and tougher than the other parts. They also are a constant symbol of the painful event which created the scar as well as a symbol of our victory over it. By no means is it a sign of weakness but ultimately can become a badge of honor and our strength.

Physical therapy often requires a trained kinesiologist to guide us in the most effective course of rehabilitation but remember, no matter how good that therapist is, you are the one who must do the work. The same is true with our mental healing. Simply listening to a therapist or hearing a phenomenal TED talk may inspire us, but it will take a lot of insight, introspection, and awareness for the healing to begin, occur and be sustained.

If you have any questions about your healing journey, please do not hesitate to contact me personally. I believe everyone can have the opportunity to heal and I’ll do my best to help. My thanks again to Robert J. Morales for the wonderful and very fitting picture. I look forward to your comments.

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