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Solving The Right Problem

Problem solving seems to be an innate human characteristic. Whether figuring out directions to a location or sending a man to the moon, achieving small goals or seemingly impossible ones is a large part of who we are. However, when it comes to solving issues that involve some insights about our own thinking and behavior, well those are the are often over looked or  considered insignificant.

What is more significant than solving the problems which will free us and empower us to live a more happy, productive, and satisfying life? As children, we are taught that thinking about ourselves is selfish and we should be concerned about others. Then we are told we can never truly love anyone until we can love ourselves. So if we love ourselves first, our we being selfish? (Can you see the vicious circle?)

All of us have had friends who went through difficult problems and the solutions seem very simple to us. We thought if they could only do such and such, their problem(s) would be over. On the flip side, how many times do you think that person could have thought the same thing about us?

For me there is nothing more important that solving our own problems. It is not selfishly motivated, it is empowering and we will be most effective when we work on ourselves and constantly grow. Having this perspective is a good place to start.

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