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Steps Towards Healing


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“Healing from past adversities, provides a firm foundation on which personal growth will maintain and flourish.”

After writing several posts on kindness and the myriad virtues it embodies (click here to read the last one), I was reminded by one of my favorite connections, Chulee H, that many times we are confronted by completely opposite behaviors. These damaging actions have the  potential of creating life-long emotional as well as physical scars. Nearly all of us have had to deal with these types of situations which potentially can haunt us for decades. Yet with so many people trying to cope with these occurrences, why isn’t there more talk and concern about how to heal from them?

It confounds me that healing is not the biggest topic of interest for those working in the mental health and personal growth industry. HEALING IS VERY RARELY DISCUSSED! But, it needs to be the first step a person makes when endeavoring to overcome these struggles from the past.

There have been numerous crusades against bullying, harassment, and abuse, as there should be. Yet, try to think of one single campaign that was centered around healing. It absolutely takes a lot of guts and fortitude to stand up to an abuser. For centuries, countless people have hidden in the shadows with frightening and appalling stories of cruelty and shame. Thankfully, more are now taking a stand and campaigns such as the #Metoo movement continue to inspire many who in years past, would have remained silent and humiliated.

It is important that efforts are made to stop these types of behaviors but it is equally important that anyone who has suffered or is suffering currently from abuse, knows that healing is possible! However, if it is not being addressed then healing is either deemed unimportant or its significance is not recognized.

It is my contention that most don’t really understand its value nor do they know how to teach it to others. Perhaps their own experiences facilitated enough healing for their success, but they never developed a process which provided it to others.

At times, others make feeble attempts at healing by telling someone to, “Put it behind you” or “Just get over it.” These are meaningless efforts when so-called experts have no clue how to help their clients. What exactly is the process for “getting over it” and doesn’t it stand to reason that if those people knew how to do it, they most certainly would? People don’t knowingly want to live in dark and damaged places. They need proper guidance on ways to heal so they can not simply survive but thrive.

I wrote a book about my own journey and how I was able to heal from some seemingly insurmountable issues. Fortunately, I met a therapist who was instrumental in both providing me tools of insight and helping me to utilize them in my life. While it is an on-going process, it has also inspired me to help others.

Next week, some of these techniques will be discussed; however, should you not want to wait, please feel free to leave a note in the comments or message me directly. Also, if you have any suggestions about healing, please share those as well, I look forward to learning other ways that have helped.

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