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The first step

The first step to solving ANY problem is always the same. Realizing there is a problem. This is so obvious you are probably wondering why I am even saying it. Let’s think of it in another way. The first step is: knowing or having knowledge that the problem exists. It might be semantics but oftentimes – and especially in my case – we don’t see the REAL problem.

Again, citing my own example, there were plenty of times in my life when I didn’t believe in myself or thought at some point that I wasn’t deserving of something, however I didn’t truly understand how much the problem had control of me (I would like to suggest that you go back and read my post from July 4th, called Independence Day)

Knowing the problem will also include an awareness of the depth and significance of the problem. I understood how big and out of control the it became.

Once you gain a knowledge and awareness of the problem, you can easily proceed to the next step and the fix?  Well it has the potential of coming shortly after that.

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