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The Healing Begins

Photo by Dana Cohen of DLEIGHDESIGN

“If a wound does not heal, there is no telling what damage may occur.”

The start of a new year brings more than just a host of resolutions. For some, it signals more of a renaissance, a resurgence, or even a reawakening of the mind, body and soul. Those who’ve set out with this type of mindset should be warmly applauded. Typically, a change of this sort requires hard work and the rewards rarely arrive in a timely manner.

There are also those who choose not to even try such an undertaking. Perhaps in the past, they did attempt but no matter how hard they struggled, something – almost mystical – seemed to thwart each and every attempt. As much as they aspire to change, there seem to be no solutions viable enough to help with any kind of transformation.

In my case, the solution was hidden for many years because what needed to occur first was healing from past difficulties. There had been plenty of incidents in my life that significantly influenced me to think there was something innately wrong with who I was. It was as though I deserved bad things to happen to me and nothing could be done to stop it. This belief is how I define the word shame.

The shame which accumulated over the years ultimately created a feeling of normalcy. While the pain would eventually decrease, it also meant the absence of shame felt awkward and not “normal”; an environment in which it was able to thrive. The only way I could overcome this was to heal from the past abuses and injuries.

Fortunately, I found a phenomenal therapist who was able to help me understand this issue and provide me with tools to start my healing process. It began in early 2013 and since then, helping others heal has been a passion of mine and a driving force in my life.

If there is any hope for a cut or scrape not to become infected it needs to heal. Fortunately, these abrasions are usually quite simple to spot and take a proper course of action. Emotional wounds, on the other hand, are difficult to see and often avoided because of the pain suffered when we do.

Emotional healing is a critical and vital subject yet there seems to be very little discussion and even less valuable advice on how it is done. Nearly all of us have had some difficulty in our past which has generated some sort of devastating impression. While many have been able to work through it, proper healing may have provided much more satisfying results.

It is my belief that many in the mental health profession don’t understand the benefits of healing nor do they know how to properly provide the tools and techniques which generate proper healing. Simply avoiding those moments or getting them out of our mind is not healing and although you’ve heard differently, time does NOT heal all wounds.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be discussing ways of healing from past abuses and if you would like to share any personal stories, please feel free to do so in the comment portion. However, if you’d rather not wait and want to begin your healing journey immediately, feel free to contact me. After all, that is my passion.

Thanks to Dana Cohen for the wonderful picture. Find out more about her by clicking here.

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