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The Journey Is Just Begining


The Journey Begins

At 57, it’s hard to believe that my journey is just beginning but that is how I feel. In a few days, I’ll be introducing a book which was completed over the last year and a half. The book chronicles the growth and transformation that has occurred in the last 5 years and iterates it in ways that are applicable and practical in  your own search for growth and empowerment.

“You have been given a gift” my therapist told me at which time I had no clue how precious it truly was. After countless hours of writing and reflection, I was able to gain a greater understanding of who I was. It provided a new freedom that compels me to talk about it with family, friends, as well as complete strangers. My hope is that this kind of work will become what I do on a daily basis. My book will be the launching of this new journey; one which I am ready to joyfully embark.


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