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The Law of Supply and Demand

Photo by Robert Lukeman of Unsplash

“There will never be enough kindness to fulfill the world’s need.”

One of the thrills from writing these articles is interacting with fascinating people from around the globe and reading the comments on how these posts have impacted them. What’s even more remarkable is when those comments prompt the idea for the very next article and last week’s (click here to read it) was no exception.

The premise was centered on a different sort of recession; not one economically based but an emotional one suggesting that good intention, kindness, and compassion are diminishing. A comment by Cecilia Raldua Martin stated, “there is too much economic interest, and kindness and good behaviors are decreasing.” This inspired me to continue with another financial analogy.

From a business standpoint, supply and demand has influenced the price of goods and services since business first began to be transacted. Besides influencing pricing, it has also spurred ingenuity, increased productivity, and maximized efficiency. It is perhaps one of the oldest principles of commerce and no doubt one of the first things taught in business classes.

Applying this basic rule used everyday in transactions ought to be easily adaptable in the realm of human interaction; demonstrating kindness, good intention, and gratitude to our fellow humans. Although the key to its implementation may warrant an approach from a different angle.

When a revolutionary invention hits the market, everyone clamors to get one. This demand pushes its value upwards. When the luster wears off, the demand decreases forcing down the price and possibly causing it to vanish altogether.

What needs to occur in our daily communications with others is not only to raise the demand for positive interaction but also reject spiteful, cruel, and hateful behaviors. When there is no longer a demand or reward or such actions, people will stop using them.

Unfortunately in today’s climate, degrading and humiliating the opposition is being admired and the reply regrettably, is to find ways of being more repulsive. This type of response only creates a greater demand for more deplorable rhetoric and the supply continues to grow. We must begin to reject this conduct and refuse to support it. When politicians spew hateful language, they must be mightily defeated. 

Those running for office are not the only ones from whom this behavior should not be accepted. The first person we should examine is ourselves. Let us be the example for all to hold in high esteem. Expecting something from others and excusing ourselves is duplicitous and insincere. And it’s typically the mindset behind those who use hurtful speech in the first place.

It may seem like an impossible task but it’s never too late to become the change we hope to see in this world. I believe there are myriads of people who would gladly add to the supply of gratitude, gratefulness, and integrity if there were only a greater demand for it to be applied.

My thanks to Robert Lukeman for the beautiful picture. Find out more about him by clicking here. I look forward to your comments and possibly next week’s inspiration.

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