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The Many Faces of Shame

When you hear the word shame, it conjures images of low self-esteem and unworthiness. However in the last post, the question was asked if shame also creates feelings of extreme arrogance

(click here to read the post).  Arrogance can be defined as an over exaggeration of one’s own worth. But if we are truly confident in ourselves, there is no need to over amplify our abilities. We can be proud without the urgency of making sure everyone knows it…..and won’t forget it!

Why would someone then feel the need to display arrogant behavior? Is it because down deep inside they don’t want you to know how badly they feel about themselves and must exude this behavior so you won’t see it either? Shame is what causes them to have those destructive opinions but instead of creating feelings of unworthiness, they mask it with an inflated sense of self-worth.

Shame, the negative thoughts about who we are, does not simply create humiliating and other disgraceful emotions, arrogance and self-importance are opposite ways in which people can react to it.

Next time we will discuss how and when these thoughts first become part of our thinking. In the meantime, I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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