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The Perpetual Generation Gap


Every generation is told by the one before it a multitude of reasons why they do things wrong. My peers were told by our parents; they were told by theirs and so on back to the very first generation of the human species. If each generation gets lazier and more entitled then why haven’t we all gone to hell in a hand-basket yet?

This Baby Boomer believes that it’s time to change that way of thinking. Instead of finding reasons to criticize them, we should be conversing with them to get a greater understanding of who they are. After all, they are the future.  So much of their disillusion comes from our archaic way of thinking. They will never do things the way we did them because it is a different world!

If they are disenchanted, it is by our stubbornness to prove them wrong. It is much more logical to work with and compliment them; teaching them with our experience and wisdom rather than condemning them for their indifference. If we expect greater things from them, they no doubt will strive to exceed our expectations. I have had the pleasure of working with several Millennials and they thrive on positive feedback.

Our world is changing and in this digital age, it mutates at a much faster rate. Before long, the Millennials will be  having this same conversation with their younger generation and I hope they will learn from our positive example.

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