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The “S” Factor continued

The “S” Factor (the psychological term is called “shame based thinking”) which in my opinion, IS THE MOST prevalent way of thinking and processing  by many human beings on this planet. Again, this is my observation and since my struggle with it was magnanimous, I look for it at every opportunity.

A different way to understand “shame based thinking” and how I want to refer to it during these posts is this; I like to call it my “Shame Filter”. Here’s why

Everything I perceive is viewed through the prejudice of my shame filter. Just as when one puts on sunglasses, everything viewed goes through the lenses. Basically each thought, interaction and response, goes through my shame filter. We will discuss more in the future how that affects decisions but for now, I want you to understand the principle of the shame filter.

I repeat, 99% if not 100% of humans grow up with some sort of “shame” used on them. If you were lucky enough to have parents who didn’t cause you shame, then there were teachers, older kids, friend’s parents, clergy, strangers, all which used some type of shame as a form of control over us.

Shame is when we are made to feel bad about who we are or something we did and we should have never been made to feel that way. In my opinion, it was discovered soon after humans developed the ability to speak and has been used as a way of control. ESPECIALLY against children. And that is when the “Shame Filter” really takes control of our lives.

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