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The Struggle to Heal


Photo By E. Rachel Thompson

Healing is a subject that is very dear to me. Not only is it the subtitle of my book, it is vital for us when we need to overcome struggles from our past. But how does this process happen? When something is cut, broken, or even severed, healing must transpire before growth will continue. There is one thing in common that every living organism has with regards to healing. The object that received the injury must heal itself. Allow me to explain.

When an abrasion occurs on the skin, there are several steps in the healing process. First the wound can be cleaned and ointment applied. A bandage may be placed over it to speed it up or keep out infection. However, healing doesn’t occur until the body regenerates itself and the veins, arteries, and skin assimilate back together. It’s not the bandage or the salve applied to the skin that heals it. These simply assist and promote the healing but the body must be able to do the work. Although a scar may be left behind our physical body does its best to heal and continue growth.

So how does this work when it comes to healing our emotional selves? How do we take events from our past that have done tremendous damage to our psychological well-being and heal those memories?  If healing must occur in order to continue to grow then it must be an important step. One which I believe is all too often overlooked.

Before I get into my opinions on how it happens, think about what you have heard or even experienced on this important topic; especially those events which occurred long ago in your past. You’ve probably heard advice such as “Let it go” or “leave the past in the past” but what exactly does that mean or how does one go about doing it? I don’t believe those who are haunted by troubling memories want to hang on to them. If they knew how to leave them there, they would! Giving someone such sage advice is probably doing them more damage because now they feel worse for not knowing how to implement that advice.

I am looking forward to your thoughts on ways that you have healed and helped others to understand how this process works. I am very passionate about helping others heal from any and all of these types of situations and want to add your insight into my approach. However, this subject is too broad to cover in one blog but I will leave this one thought to ponder.

Healing begins with Forgiveness

Yes, this sounds very simple but it’s true. “Forgiveness of whom?” you may ask. That will be the topic of the my next post. Please, leave your comments below and thank you.

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