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The Tough Road – revisited

I have decided to re-post some of my original blogs as well as original ones. The excitement felt over my book being published is beginning to keep me up at nights. I really hope it will be a huge help to many in their struggles along the tough road.  Whatever challenges we face will encounter difficulties. We cannot compare our journey to others. Each of us face unique issues and no matter how futile they may appear, we want to be victorious. It is my honor to be involved in any way I can.

Mountain road

(On January 14, 2014, I wrote)

It’s easy to be positive when things are going right. It also makes it easier when things are financially sound. The difficult part is staying positive through tough times. Very recently, I went through a series of events that were emotionally troubling. And the worst part was I had a long drive ahead of me to contemplate them. Sometimes, you can talk to people and feel better but I had talked with several people – mainly just to vent – but none of it helped.

Now first and foremost, I am about empowerment; myself as well as others. However at the time, I was not feeling empowered nor did I feel like empowering anyone else. This could not continue. What was going to get me out of my woes?

It was rather interesting what happened next. As I reviewed the events in my head, I took the perspective of a conscientious observer. Almost as though I was watching myself and my reactions. Having the ability to view yourself as an impartial observer is not an easy thing to do. But in my opinion, it is a valuable growth tool. Watching yourself will help gain a larger perspective of your life. It takes you away from your own thoughts and you can see yourself almost as others do. Personal growth can be difficult; especially when you learn something about yourself that you have been not wanting to accept. Just know that when you get out of your comfort zone, that is when growth can happen.

By the way, since I wrote this piece, I have become more about healing rather than empowering. Healing the past is a fast-track to empowerment. More to come soon.

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