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The wisdom of two-way Empowerment

My last post discussed empowerment being a two-way street. And it is fascinating how since that time, I am consciously looking for this two-way empowerment. The interesting thing is it is showing up more and more now that I am more aware of it.

One of my conversations – albeit it through text which I would rather not do – was not very pleasing and didn’t have the outcome I expected. But after thinking about it and what I like to call “putting it in the can and kicking it around”, the conversation was very empowering to me. I don’t think the other person got any empowerment from it at all. But that’s the positive part. Even this particular instance, what seemed to be a very non-productive conversation, came out to be very empowering for me. I gained a few insights on myself and how I can better handle myself in these types of situations.

Think about it. Ponder it. When you have a conversation with someone where you may have the giving, teaching or empowering, observe the situation – you, your audience, whoever is involved – and get some sort of empowerment out of it for yourself. Even if it takes sometime. It is there and you can find it. You are not simply an “empowerer” alone.


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