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Time for a Change


Photo of Sakina Mahama. Student, Model, & Entrepreneur

“The most important relationship ever is the one we have with ourselves.”

Last week’s article covered the topic of time and managing it more effectively. (click here to read it) Although there rarely seems to be enough time in a day to accomplish every chore, typically we make time for those which are of utmost importance. Occasionally, life deals us unexpected plans which compel us to focus on them rather than those originally intended.

Some things in life demand they be completed. Two which immediately come to mind are eating and sleeping. If time for sleep is not allotted, our bodies become sluggish and lose it’s ability to function. Likewise, eating is another chore which leaves no other option but to accomplish. While the healthiest methods of these 2 daily tasks are often debated, they undoubtedly must be done.

One activity which many have made a priority is physical fitness.  A little over a year, I was inspired by a 21-year old student named Casey Katchersyde, who published an article on LinkedIn about core exercises. For some reason, this struck a chord with me and I decided to give it a go. Now at nearly the age of 60, I am in the best physical shape of my adult life and even though it continues to be a struggle, the results far outweigh any of the inconvenience and discomfort.

There is one other task which has become extremely important for me and that is achieving some aspect of growth – spiritual, emotional or mental – on a daily basis. Although I do not set aside a particular time, I have learned to pay attention to the difficulties in my day because that is the optimum time for it to happen. When feelings of anger or frustration arise, I’ve taught myself to ask “why”. The answer often exposes a weakness in my character and a flaw within me. These are not exactly the things I wake up and look forward to seeing but I’ve trained myself to embrace these moments because fixing them is a transformational act.

Some people have regular times in which they study, pray, meditate, or a number of different activities which add to daily growth. This is a great method and I applaud your efforts. For those who do not, I would respectfully ask you to ask yourself “why not”?

One of the unique properties of being human is that we constantly change. Without getting into the biology of how this works, mentally, our wellbeing is as important, if not more, than physically.

Please know that as I move forward, my focus is on helping people heal and get a greater understanding of who they are. Consequently, my personal growth remains a priority because it will further enhance what I do. Clearly not everyone shares this same desire but no matter what your passion, it will be more effective as you continue to grow as an individual.

Thanks to Sakina Mahama for the picture and I look forward to your comments.

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