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Truly Thankful


“A Gift from the Heart is never given with an expectation of what it will receive in return.”

This week in the U.S., we celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday. While its origins go back to 1621, it has unfortunately evolved into another corporate exploitation with the day after marking the largest retail shopping day of the year known as “Black Friday”. But the one thing which big business can never usurp from it is the spirit behind its celebration.

Giving thanks is a powerful human expression and emotion. When done with a sincere heart, it creates a calm and warming feeling within which numerous studies have been done to prove why thankfulness invokes these extremely positive outcomes.

There is a saying which undoubtedly everyone has heard and that is, “It’s better to give than to receive” and if I may be reflective for a moment, as a child and young adult, there were times when I questioned this age-old adage. It wasn’t that I didn’t like doing things for others or expected something in return, but how can NOT having something be better than having something?

For decades I was restrained with my “generosity” and on several occasions made excuses why I shouldn’t participate in the spirit of giving. Other times when I did give, a sour expression on my face was very telling of the lack of a charitable spirit behind it. Even though my attitude was clearly not consistent with that popular saying, nonetheless had anyone asked me about it, I would have adamantly agreed that it was always better to give than to receive.

Fortunately a few years back, I had hired a business coach, *RaShelle Roberts. One day as our session was ending, she told me something which I will never forget. “The Universe has no judgement”, she began.  “It’s like a mirror and whatever you put out into the world it will reflect back on to you.” For some reason, her statement really hit home with me and my attitude about giving started to evolve.

I began going out of my way to give more than ever. There was no expectation for anything in return but merely showing the Universe that I was a kind and giving person. It didn’t take long to notice a difference both in me and my financial situation. There was a feeling I had more money without any change in my job or lifestyle to explain it. Even if the additional means were not available, the feelings it evoked in me were now making that age-old adage come true.

As the Holiday Season fast approaches, what are your stories about giving and how has it changed your life or the lives of others. In what ways do yours differ in experience? Let’s celebrate this time of year by reading inspiring and empowering accounts. I look forward to yours.

*To find out more about internationally renowned Business Coach, RaShelle Roberts, click here or on her name above

Thanks to Helena Yankovska. To find out more about her, click here or her name below the picture.

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