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What a Mother knows

“There is so much more a mother can teach us than what we think is possible”

Today in the U.S., we celebrate Mother’s Day. Moms – ma, mum, mommy, or whatever you choose to call her – have been celebrated for thousands of years and rightfully so. Regardless of the type of mother you personally experienced, the idea of what motherhood represents is certainly a concept worth celebrating. Although it’s utterly impossible for all of us to actually be a mother, it would be fair to say there is much to learn from the principles and characteristics which motherhood represents.

With so many remarkable attributes she embodies, it’s difficult to know where to begin. A mother first of all, is nurturing. When her child is born, it’s completely dependent on her. Her body is biologically predisposed to give of itself for the sole purpose of the infant’s survival. Often love and duty overlap; seemingly in an ongoing manner that puts her own health and wellbeing at risk or in peril.

It is often a thankless job yet there are times when no greater opportunity for joy exists. No matter what she sets out in life to achieve, more pleasure is derived from the accomplishments of her children than her own. Mothers have been the inspiration for countless authors, poets, and artists and the reason for the success of so many.

While teaching life’s most important lessons, she can still discipline with a gentle hand and a caring heart. She instinctively knows when it’s more prudent to bend the rules and not stick to the hardline. At times, it seems she has eyes in the back of her head and also moments when those same eyes shed tears over things we never thought she knew.

She is a supreme example; not because there is a trophy to win but because her heart and soul compel her to be. Constantly looking for ways to improve, she never complains about being overwhelmed. Sure, there may be regrets or wishes that some situations could have been different, those thoughts do not manifest defeat but instead urge and propel her to become better.

Motherhood is a sacred responsibility and one which can demonstrate to each and every one of us innumerable lessons on how we can live a good and honorable life. While there may be some who never had anything resembling a good mother, there are still plenty of meaningful principles and values we can learn from Motherhood.

Thankfully, I have been one of the lucky ones to have had a mother certainly worth writing about. If there is anything I could change, it would be that I would have learned at a much younger age to appreciate her full value. There is no doubt that my love of writing is a direct result of her influence. Even at this moment, you are experiencing her efforts because she happily and enthusiastically edits all of my articles.

What are some of your experiences either directly with your own mother or thoughts on the idea of motherhood? Please leave them in the comments. I’d like to thank Robert J Morales again, for the very fitting photo from his portfolio where more of his unique perspectives can be seen.

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