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Why the “Shame Filter”?

The term “Shame Filter” is what I call it to help me understand the depth and size of my shame-based thinking, which as previously stated, is  the clinical term.  What is important for me is to realize that everything I did, went through these proverbial “sun glasses” and it filtered my thinking, behavior, actions; EVERYTHING that occurred in my life was effected by my shame filter.

Whatever words you want to use to describe and help you understand it, doesn’t really matter. In fact it might even be more helpful to come up with your own description. When these types of things can be put in your own words, it helps you (yourself) realize that you have a better understanding of it.

We all “see” things differently. A rainbow can be a sign of hope for one while to another, it may be a dream constantly being chased. In this same way, using your own term to describe your own understanding of shame-based thinking demonstrates you understand it for yourself.

I would like to hear some other descriptions of what you would call your shame filter. Soon we will talk about the depth, width and vastness of mine.

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