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You Can Trust Me On This One

Our world is great

Painting by Annabella Rharbaoui , titled, “Our World is Great” Find out more information by clicking here

“The need to trust is a vital part of everyday life. One cannot exist without it”.

It’s incredible the amount of impact this 5-letter word has on so many aspects of life. “Trust” is the foundation of many emotions; it is paramount in maintaining the law of the land, and most importantly, a “must have” in relationships.

Even in simple everyday events there needs to be a minimal amount of trust. Whether it is turning on a faucet and knowing potable water will come out or believing the gas gage in your car, there are so many instances occurring which we instinctively trust that it appears we take them for granted. However, the more important matters in our daily activities certainly make us very cognizant that trust is going to play a significant role.

Before a business transaction occurs there must be a some perception that the other person can be trusted. Perhaps there is a coworker with whom you would never want to befriend but can trust that he or she will perform with great ability. Trust is usually the predecessor that differentiates acquaintance from a friend. And before we can love, it is absolutely vital that we first trust.

It is no wonder that in our closest relationships, when that trust is broken, it is a horribly disparaging feeling and the closer the relationship, the more tormenting the grief. The emotional pain can be so overwhelming that it manifests itself physically. For some, it will create an outpouring of tears and wailing while others may suffer in a sea of silence. There is no “right” way to express this most horrid feeling.

Once that line is crossed and there is mistrust in a relationship, there are at least two important questions that can be asked. The first is “Do I want to trust this person again” and the second is “Will I ever be able to trust this person again”. The difficulty in selecting which question may be right for you is that only you are able to know the answer. What choices, compromises, or sacrifices are you willing to make? Does your culture or religion dictate a specific bias in your decision? There are also other mitigating factors such as financial or social status, family circumstances, and a wide array of conditions that influence or sometimes force your decision.

The more daunting question is “Will I ever be able to trust this person again?” In the next post, we will delve more into that question. For now, please leave your comments about both trust and broken trust. Although many of you may be tempted to post about trusting in a Higher Power, this is about trust in another human so please keep that in mind.

Thank you and I look forward to your comments. I will be featuring works of art by Annaella Rharbaoui. Find out more information about her by clicking here

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