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Can you hear……?

Right now, I am going through an exercise to help with my ideas of Empowerment. The concept is empowering intimacy in relationships. Intimacy is defined as a close familiarity or a greater understanding. In fact, having intimacy (or a greater understanding of yourself) is important in your own personal growth. However empowering intimacy in a relationship typically requires another person. It doesn’t have to be your spouse or significant other. It can be a friend, a business relationship or even a casual acquaintance. Empowering intimacy in every relationship is important.

The interesting thing is that the more I think about the best way to construct intimacy, it almost always comes back to listening. How can we better hear what the other person wants? And it only makes sense. How do you get a greater understanding of someone if you don’t listen? On a deeper level, how often do we listen to ourselves and really discover what it is that we want? So many of us are “trained” that if we listen to ourselves, we are greedy or selfish. How can you truly love yourself if you don’t listen? This may seem paradoxical but we will discuss it more in the next post.

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