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Everything Happens For a Reason (or does it?)

Have you ever wondered when someone repeats an often-quoted phrase, “Is that really true”?

Life surrounds us with contradictions then we are forced to decipher what is the truth. In one breath, it tells us to be independent thinkers and the very next thing we are bombarded with supposed “inspirational sayings” that too often interpreted as the gospel truth. There is nothing wrong in questioning any statement. You might even discover that its reflection only emboldened your belief in its veracity.

The esteemed statement, “Everything happens for a reason” was one to which I I frequently subscribed until a particularly memorable therapy session. I was recalling a particularly tough challenge and conveyed to my therapist that it must have happened for a reason. Suddenly I was interrupted by my therapist exclaiming, Does it, John?”  He challenged me to rethink that statement and ask myself is it really true.

I ask you the same question; Does everything – or for that matter, anything – happen for a reason? I would love to hear your thoughts. Please post them below. In a couple of days, I’ll be returning with mine. Thank you.

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